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The demands of high-throughput food and beverage QA/QC laboratories require high-speed and quality analysis.

We are offering a broad range of analytical solution for vitamin and aminoacid analysis in food, quantity analysis for food additives and residual pesticides, color and migration in food packaging and many other application areas.

We are increasing the productivty and customer satisfaction for your products, using our products and services. 



| Food / Feed Application Areas |


Residues (pesticides, antibiotics, naphtalene etc.)


Additives (phenolics, antioxidants, vitamins etc.)


Mycotoxins (Aflatoxin, Okratoxin, Patulin, DON etc.)


Food Contact Materials andDioxin (phtalates, structure determination, migration, VOC etc.)  


Chemical Testing(HMF, Heavy Metals, Water, Waste Water etc.)


Physical Testing (Melting Point etc.)


Minerals (Heavy Metals, Toxic Metals, Minerals etc.)


Feed (Vitamins, Mycotoxins, Calcium, Phosphorous etc.)