Nanalysis Scientific Corp.

About Nanalysis Scientific Corp.

Nanalysis Scientific Corp. is a public company (TSXV:NSCI, FRA:1N1, USA:OTC:NSCIF). The company is a global manufacturer and seller of compact Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectrometers. The NMReady-60™ was the first portable, high-resolution 60 MHz benchtop NMR spectrometer released in the market in 2013. These instruments are notable for their ease of use, low-maintenance, accessibility, affordability and automatability.  In 2019, Nanalysis introduced the 100 MHz spectrometer, representing the highest resolution instrument available on the market.  Designed with flexibility in mind, the instruments can be configured as traditional NMR spectrometers or programmed as analyzers for specific industrial applications (oil and gas, chemical, pharma, biotech, food science, atomic agencies, cannabis, mining).  The company has sold instruments in over 45 countries and is expanding our North American sales team. Nanalysis' benchtop NMR technology has been widely recognized, including being named Company of the Year in Global Portable NMR in the prestigious Frost & Sullivan award for three consecutive years.